Getting To Go

First Who, Then What, Then Where

As Jim Collins in 'Good To Great' originally implied, good organizations come before good projects. Organizations with well-fit teams growmore.
A well-fit business team can be compared to band of musicians, with early morning show times, and maybe more of an academic bent, but you get the idea, key roles need to be filled before market share can be earned--meaningful growth comes from meaningful people. Datafirm is recruiting for key roles.


Adviser, senior board member

You are an experienced senior-level venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and/or software developer, with a great interest in exploring a data science start-up. This is not your first start-up, you've been in the game before, at a senior level. You're not in it just for the money, you want to be involved in an exciting growth story where your passion and experience can guide and influence an organization, without having to commit to day to day operations. You're a positive thinking, technically minded person that is not intimidated or demoralized by the success of others. You understand, in the professional services business, leading with an engaging and compelling narrative is important, and in a scientific technology business, details, teamwork, and excellence come first. You like the idea of building another small organization from the ground up. This might be the challenge you are looking for.

Executive CRM, Culture, Board Member

You are an outgoing, positive thinking, people person. Your background is in international relations, communications, business, law, economics, or politics. You have thorough academic exposure to economics, business and/or finance, but you thrive on events--presentation is your thing. You are an exceptional communicator who defaults to reason when establishing your influence is challenging. You want to make your mark; but you are also driven by a desire to build an organization and support positive change. Datafirm excites you because it is an opportunity to take part in growing an organization from the ground up.

Executive, Software Development

You are probably gifted. You have the ability to passionately focus on technical programming tasks, as a doer, planner, and manager. Programming, computer science, data science, and/or modelling was a hobby and a passion, it has become your bread and butter. You have a master's degree, and possibly a PhD, but the corporate life somehow is not enough. You want the freedom to express yourself freely in a leadership role, and a challenge. You care about quality and can be a stickler about going the extra mile, but it is nothing personal.

Executive IT

You're an IT specialist. Your passion is TCP/IP and remote access. You probably didn't do that hack when you were younger, but you could have. You live and breath computers but you're looking for something new. A start-up could be right for you. You've always wanted to rank highly on something like Kaggle, which few people in North America can do, this might be your chance.

Connecting with Datafirm

Due Diligence

Quality delivery takes capable, responsible, committed, and supported teamwork. Team building takes time for bonding and trust to develop. Timing, opportunity, and incentives all need to line-up.

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