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Small Team, Excellent Service

Who We Are

Datafirm is a small organization at the intersection of data science and research. Our mission is to equip organizations with data rich analytics so they can better achieve their directives. We do this through a suite of services ranging from data management and processing to research. Enriching our clients with data analytics and research helps them better serve their clients and benefit the communities where we do business.

Our Clients

Who Is Outsourcing?

Datafirm is a services company in the data science, business intelligence, and research field. The Internet and technologies revolution has created a new fast growing market. It is smaller than the accounting or law markets, but nonetheless large enough to sustain an already growing number of stand alone data-focused businesses. Our services are available to organizations across sectors so they can more efficiently meet project budgets and timelines, while limiting investment risk.

Organizations Outsourcing Research and Data Science

  • Public sector departments and commitees
  • Corporations
  • Small and medium-sized businesses
  • Mainstream statistical agencies
  • Universities
  • Academics
  • Independent researchers
  • Non-profits
  • Think tanks
  • Consultancies
  • Political organizations
  • Banks
  • Investment firms
  • Small funds

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Our Philosophy

Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast

Management gurus, like Peter Drucker, who wrote the headlineabove, and Jim Collins, author of 'Good to Great,' have long tauted organizational psychology asa key component in successful firm performance. Organizational psychology can be described as a set of principles and philosophies that transcribe into actions and behaviours within a firm's culture. While a firm's culture is formed over time, and composed largely from characteristics found in its members, a few key principles can help you decide if you want to work with Datafirm:

  1. You are driven by the pursuit of excellence
  2. You believe a business exists to create value
  3. Life is positive sum

Why Work?

People join organizations for a variety of reasons: money, status, lifestyle, and culture are each awarded different measures by different people.Ask yourself, why do you do what you do? What is the point of your work? Are you motivated by status? Are you motivated by money? Is work only a means to end, or something more? Is it even work? Many people recognize a positive correlation between the quality of their work and the passion they have for it. In some cases, passion influences quality, and in others, quality influences passion. For some, high-performance is in itself a practice. This is an important concept if you want to work with Datafirm; we want to work with people who thrive on development, people who are in it for the day-to-day process and not only the accolades. A pursuit of excellence in your field, because delivering excellence makes you happy, is a good reason to get started with Datafirm.

The Value Driven Business

Here at Datafirm, we believe it is still possible to grow a successful business by delivering quality value-centric services. Some organizational cultures emphasize value extraction over value creation. The difference, which has a lot to do with why we work, shows in the work we do. Ultimately, an organization's value philosophy shapes the relationships it builds with its clients. Datafirm is passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals by delivering valuable data-driven insights, appealing influential infographics, and customized high-end research reports.

One Plus One Is Three

In a zero-sum game, like poker, the net oflosses and winnings sum to zero. Poker is a great game, still, a far too large number of organizations and individuals view their interactions with clients, customers, and employees as zero-sum. In an economic transaction, like a service contract, price relative intrinsic value need not be measured as zero-sum. It can be measured as a positive sum, where the sum of outputs is greater than the sum of inputs.

This leads to two points: 1) data science enables better decisions, and 2) the value of a better decision grows with time. The value of a better decision grows with time when forward revenue streams are realized as net present values, but also when positive externalities are kinetically transformed into opportunity profits.

At Datafirm, life is a positive sum game and one plus one is more than three. Doing business with this philosophy can maximize value streams for our clients and their clients, and the communities where our organizations do business.

Click here to read more about organizational psychology.

Joining Datafirm

Why Join A Start-up?

Despite long hours and an absence of the usual corporate perks, start-ups get a surprising amount of interest. They create opportunities for entrepreneurial minded people with a passion for vision, organizational growth, and challenge. In fact, many members of the workforce keep their eyes open for moonlighting opportunities, there is always the chance they may one day get involved in an exciting growth story. Datafirm welcomes passionate early stage moonlighters.

Here are a few reasons Datafirm might be right for you:

  1. Start-ups can experience high growth rates:
  2. In 2014, according to Redpoint, the silicon valley venture capital firm that backed Netflix, the median US venture capital backed start-up realized a compound annual growth rate of 85%. Smaller businesses frequently experience early stage annual growth rates higher than 300%.

  3. Start-ups are exciting
  4. Joining a start-up in a leadership role can be a thrilling, educational, and rewarding experience, especially when the risk is low.

  5. The market for data science is huge and growing fast
  6. According to Mckinsey Global Institute, by 2018 the US alone will face a shortage of about 190,000 data scientists and 1.5 million managers who 'get' big data.

If you're in the field of computer science, economics, business analytics, or data science, or you have a background in business and you're passionate about start-ups, click here to read more about opportunities with Datafirm.

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